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What is it worth??

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I need help......I have a 1970 and a half Formula Firebird 400. It is currently in pieces...due to a collision with a brick wall. (the brick wall won) I had the engine rebuilt but had to take the car apart to store it as I had no room. It has been sitting for several years but ran fine when it was taken apart. I need to sell it and I have no idea of it's worth. It was fairly rare..only 7000 were made. It was a functional Ramair 3 engine. It had 10:1 compression, the trans is a turbo 400 (still attached to the engine) and the rear is a 12 bolt posi. The gears are 3:53. The rear was originally taken from a wrecked Z28. I have all the receipts...The engine cost over 3000 to rebuild.....If anyone has an idea of what they think it might be worth, can you please let me know??? Thanx very much----Bon
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Re: What is it worth?? (Bonbry)

Are you asking about the entire car? Need more info you want are asking about the entire car...
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