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what is the best detailing products..

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I would like to know your guys opinion on the best detailing products for outside, trim, and interior...
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Re: what is the best detailing products.. (syn)

I'm not sure what the best products are, but here's what I use.
Car Wash: Meguiars Gold Class Shampoo
Rims: Sonus Gel Wheel Cleaner
Tire: Meguiars Tire Gloss (smells damn good!)
Wax: Klasse Twins, Blitz as a Topper
Dash: 303 aerospace every few months (not shinny like armor all)
Wash Mit: Viking 100% cotton chenile

Syn, lurk in these forums for awhile and you will learn alot! http://autopia-carport.com/ForumIndex.htm
Re: what is the best detailing products.. (Derek Jones)

Man, thats tuff....P21s is Grrrrreat but meguires PRO line is also very nice, but hard to find.
Re: what is the best detailing products.. (syn)

There is no "Best" product. Using quality products is definitely a starting point but technique and dedication is also a major part of the equation, if not more so. Definitely check out the Autopia forums as Derek mentioned.
Here's some of what I use: Mother's wash/shampoo, 303, Klasse twins, EF Hi-intensity cleaner, Meguiars 40, Meguiars Final Inspection (quick detailer). Lambswool wash mit, dedicated terry and foam applicators, Oxo wheel brush, lots of microfiber towels.
Re: what is the best detailing products.. (syn)

Almost all of the products featured on Classic Motoring Accesories web page are top notch. You really can't go wrong with any of the products they offer. Check it out. www.properautocare.com
Re: what is the best detailing products.. (indigofast)

Its not what you use, its how you use it. If you know what your doing, just soap, water, some rubbing alcohol, and a bottle of zip wax for $10 will work as good as a $60 box of stuff. Personally, my box has about $100 worth of stuff in it cause I buy stuff on sale alot, and so itll last me a couple years maybe.
Just test stuff out and see how it works.
Re: what is the best detailing products.. (Guvs97JettaGT)

Golustro.com all poly really cool stuff but it is designed for someone handy with a buffer! The buffer heats it up and it lays really flat and polishes more than it fills! Just dont use lemon flavored Joy to wash your car and stay away from Armor-all type stuff! Call your best local detail shop and see what they are using its always better than store crap! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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