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What is the largest Air Flow Sensor?

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A quickie, what is the largest diameter of the Air Flow Sensor Funnel/Plate, either VW or Audi, that will fit on a mechanical (non frequency valve) CIS system? Would appreciate year and model of VW or Audi. Thanks in advance, WWR.
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Re: What is the largest Air Flow Sensor? (WackyWabbitRacer)

I assume you are looking for the highest flow...
I always bought into the idea that the larger the plate, the better- until I saw some of the custom CIS setups manufactured by Gary Miller of Miller Fuel Injection.
Gary has some CIS setups that support well over 200hp-- using a remachined flow sensor with the 60mm (!) plate.
You might want to contact the guy- he has a LOT of experience with Bosch CIS.
His website is at http://millerfi.com/
Re: What is the largest Air Flow Sensor? (BFDeihl)

Danny, thanks for the lead....will check out the website. Cheers, WWR. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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