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What is the Mercedes Benz "vortex"

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I wanted to do some research on a CLK 430 for someone and need to know the address of the MB equivalent to vwvortex.
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Re: What is the Mercedes Benz "vortex" (H20Power)

VORTEX has no equal!! MUAHAHAHAHA!
Sorry, got a little carried away there.
I'll go take my medication now.
Re: What is the Mercedes Benz "vortex" (Bjaardker)

thanks for the bump and the laugh.....lithium?
Re: MB

Sorry, but without the sarcasm, there really is no equivalent Mercedes site. There are a few owners clubs for CLK (I have an 01 CLK 430 Cabriolet), but once you join, there are no chat rooms or heavily accessed message boards.
There are occasional e-mails and such and it seems they are trying to start up an owners message board, but so far, to no avail.
The owners club does some nice club events, like track sessions and concourses...plus optional trips to various locations...if you want to check out some information on the club, you may be able to find a link or additional info which may help you find what you are looking for...go to: http://www.mbclub.com
If that doesn't work...maybe I can help you with info? You can always rely on your VW family to help you out on anything!! Amazing how you can find everything on these boards, even though they are set up for VW owners. We are everything from 16 year old kids with their first car to 60 year old enthusiast millionaires with 5 cars and a love for Ferraris! I myself fall in the middle at 33 years old...but I am a classic car nut, especially older European models, and I still love the heck out of my Passat daily driver!
Let me know if I can be of any assistance.
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Re: What is the Mercedes Benz "vortex" (H20Power)

quote:[HR][/HR]thanks for the bump and the laugh.....lithium?[HR][/HR]​
How did you know

But seriously, I know that there was a thread a while back on the c230 that had a link to a site similar in format to this. I actually think it was part of MB's website, just buried a little. I'm searching around now to try & find it.
Here's a listsrv for ya
AHHHH Found it!
Kinda looks like Vortex

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Re: What is the Mercedes Benz "vortex" (Son of a B...5er!)

Try out http://www.mbworld.org
Re: What is the Mercedes Benz "vortex" (CBJ)

Thanks everyone for the replies....Zackie you can probably help me. My father is thinking about buying a CLK 430 Cabriolet but has some ?'s. I will email you.
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