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What is this and how is it applied/replaced???

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I'm wondering what the black material is that surrounds the rear window on GTI's and Rabbits is. It doesn't look like paint but more like a vinyl. Can this be replaced or fixed?
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Re: What is this and how is it applied/replaced??? (4Rings)

I looked into this for my car for a couple of reasons. 1) I was painting the car and they had to remove the old one to repaint the hatch, 2) I like how they look.
The bodyshop thought it was paint, but found out that it was a decal of some sort. I haven't checked with the stealership, but I would bet that it's not available, and even if it were, who would you have put it on? I certainly wouldn't take that job on. Anyway, the bodyshop said that they would paint that section black for me if I wanted, which is what I would have done if I wanted to keep that part black. I decided that I had enough black on my car, so I left the whole thing the color of the body.

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Re: What is this and how is it applied/replaced??? (Driftin GTI)

Are you serious?! For a decal?!


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Re: What is this and how is it applied/replaced??? (4Rings)

Getting one made would probably be the easier part of this equation.... do know how much of a PITA it would be to put one on without bubbles, getting is straight, etc.?
It may be worth looking into a vinyl sheet, it would be much easier to install and the cost would be comparable..... just a thought.
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