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What Mini-Ute?

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Yes I dont like SUV's much, but my wife wants a mini-ute. ANd to be honest it would be nice since I am doing alot of work on our house and travel with alot of gear "paintball tourny's"
So what do people like? Ford Escape? Xterra? Thanks
BTW I am looking for something reliable, sporty and functional.

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Re: What Mini-Ute? (atunnell)

I got a chance to sample all of them at the autoshow, Honda CRV wins hands down IMHO.
Re: What Mini-Ute? (atunnell)

Plenty of choices, you will need to REALLY narrow down the kind of work you want to do with it.
Want a tall, AWD wagon with good on-road performance and extra cargo space? The new Honda CRV would be my choice thier, unless I could afford a Toyota Highlander. Scooby Forester is nice, but not very big inside.
Want actuall off-road ability and strength? Jeep Liberty or Nissa Xterra... neither will steer you wrong.
Re: What Mini-Ute? (eMKayUSA)

There's a bunch of good ones. If you're basically viewing it as a "tall wagon with AWD", then I'd stay with the car based minis: Ford Escape/ Mazda Tribute, Honda CR-V, Hyundai Santa Fe and Saturn VUE. If you need something with some off-road capability, then turn to the truck-based bunch: Jeep Liberty, Kia Sportage and Nissan Xterra. Those three lack the on-road performance of the car-based models, but are just incredible little mountain goats on the trails.
Re: What Mini-Ute? (atunnell)

Freelander. At least you MIGHT look cool in it rather than, "hey, you have the same truck as my mom!"
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Re: What Mini-Ute? (Brocktoon)

Personally, I like the Escape. I've driven them (used to work at a Ford dealership) and they were very fun to drive. They had a tight, together feeling and the engines were responsive. The 6 cyl are probably still the fastest in their class and they're auto onle. The 4 cyl (manual only??) was still pretty fun, and I generally prefer manual. I like the looks way more than the tribute and the interior is comfy and pleasing to the eye. If anything, at least try one out, and a Mustang GT while you're there
....let us know how it turns out!
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Re: What Mini-Ute? (VWteknik)

can't talk the wife into some sort of AWD sport wagon or something?
*cough* rs4 *cough*
Re: What Mini-Ute? (nsadhal)

Xterra http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
great off road..on road manners are fine, but throw on a set of quick disconnects on the sways, lift the torsion bars a wee bit, stuff some 31" 'ers under her and go have at it
very fun trucks
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Re: What Mini-Ute? (Gary C)

The X is a great value.....Except I hate those seats......
my 2 cents...
Re: What Mini-Ute? (Matchschtick)

subaru forester maybe...
Re: What Mini-Ute? (atunnell)

I think a base Mazda Tribute 4cyl five-speed AWD is a good deal. Here in Canada it is $5k less than a comparably equipped RAV4. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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