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ok well im having a serious mind f**k right now over what to do next to my car.
i have a 97 gti vr6.
so far i have fk cup kit, exhaust, intake, chip its a jazz blue de riding on stock 7 spokes.
i alos have smoked side markers, blinkers and long fogs.
now what do i do next.
p.s. these next are grouped based on money.
should i...
1) get a kamei grill and shave the side marker, blinker, dummies fogs spot. and paint my lip, mirors, grill border, handles.
2) rims
3) headers
4) kamei grill, and mKIV look-a-likes, eyebrows.
or any suggestions are welcome.
i have about 550 american to spend.
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