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'06 3.6 fwd here with the 09G 6spd trans, I've never put her on a dyno but I'm certain I've got at least 280 at the wheel maybe more...... Im not sure why the R36 has a higher displacement but all around the fwd 3.6 feels like a 300hp car.
Side note, met a dude at RDM with a stanced b6 4motion 3.6 and we lined up quite a few times just for fun and i always beat him. The 4mo is like 600lbs heavier or something
Absolutely True. I have a 09 CC 9M AT VR6 Sports FWD. I do have some mods: Unitronic Tune, FORGE Airbox Intake and Straight pipe catback with Borla XR-1 Mufflers.
The car is a missile and even pulls at 100mph 5-6k RPMS. I have beaten or lost gracefully to much powerful HP cars
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