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My mom's brakes are acting up lately, and she will most likely need to replace the rotors.
She is hard on the brakes (last minute braking) but doesn't drive all that fast. She's just a little tough on them.
Right now they're stock rotors and she's had the pads replaced. The pads were actually replaced twice. When the pads were replaced the first time they would howl after a while. It was then noticed the the right front pad was wearing much faster than the other.
I wasn't there for the conversation that followed, but I guess the mechanic told her that there was the potential need to replace the rotors. I have no way of knowing if this was because of what he saw happening with the pads or what.
Anyway, I just want to find out a couple of options for brakes for her. Pad, rotor, lines, and fluid. What are some good ideas for an automatic 98 Jetta 2.0?
Again the idea here isn't to go overboard, but provide a long lasting solution that would take into account the way that she drives and the type of driving that she does. Stop and go mostly.
She will most likley keep the car for a while. I'm looking to spend about what you might spend for stock, but 'dealership' stock. I.e. you know they overcharge, so by going aftermarket you can put that money you were going to waste on higher prices into better equipment.
Anyone have some ideas?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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