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What should I get?

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Lighting Gods and other fans of seeing in the dark,
I've a stock '98 Golf which is almost as much fun as my '80 'rocco, but I can't say I particularly like to drive at night with the paltry lighting setup it currently has. Being visually challenged (literally just shy of legally blind - no, I'm not that bad a driver - only fatality was a deer at night, of course) I would like some suggestions on what to upgrade my lights to. I like the looks of the new VW lighting, loved the quad setup of my 'rocco, but I would like something that is relatively easy to accomplish (say a complete setup including brackets, wiring harness, etc) and not too expensive (less than $600 if possible).
Thanks for all the great advice I've already gotten.
PS the thread on deer/moose kills was hillarious - been there, done that, got the "grilled" venison to prove it!
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Re: What should I get? (boodaddy)

good to hear you dont want the blue bulbs. I dont like it when guys come in here and all they want is look, no function.
I just ordered my Golf IV, your 98 is a IV correct? And Im installing the european HID(xenon) lamps, but those are out of your budget. There is a GB in the IV forum for E-Code(european) lamps for 280 USD I believe. These lamps will be much brigher and should not require and difficult wiring. (save for hooking up the fog lamps. These can be bought w/o the fog lamp for less.)
Hope this helped, IM me if I was incorrect about your Generation of Golf or other lighting upgrade questions.
Re: What should I get? (HIDGolf)

It is a III vice a IV (probably one of the last IIIs). That was why I'm looking at some sort of mod/kit.
PS; The driver's seat stinks for long road trips too. Any advise?
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Re: What should I get? (boodaddy)

since you have a III, I prefer the dual round lamps. the golf IV look lamps just dont seem to fit the look of the rest of the car.
they are on page 11 on this link, it takes a while even w/ a cable modem.http://www.hella.com/produktion/HellaPortal/WebSite/Internet_de/ProdukteServices/Fuer_Den_Autofahrer/Download/D_Zub_21.pdf
the top of the page says Golf III, the ones I prefer are the DE(projection) lamps that are smoked, but are also available clear as shown on the red golf III,
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