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My '92 Cabriolet has good oil pressure (5 bar per the gauge) when first starting it in the morning and the oil is thick, but it steadily looses pressure as the engine warms up. My concern is that once it's warm, and at idle I'm only registering 1 bar or just slightly under. When I'm driving along the pressure hovers in the 1.5-2.5 bar range.
Is this normal, or what should I expect the oil pressure to be? I had some problems with the pressure dropping just to the point that the pressure light was coming on intermittently, but that seems to have cleared up. Oil temp is about 100C when warm, and the coolant temp is right in the middle of the gauge.
I'm using a Mann filter, and the oil is Chevron 10-40. The engine has 76,000 miles on it.
BTW I tried finding some info on what pressure is normal and all I found were a bunch of posts with run 20-50 to clear up low oil pressure, or change the pressure switch.
I haven't pulled the pan yet to check the pump screen, but that is next on the list. I just want to know what the system should be registering.
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