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Re: what size FMIC? something that wont stick out!!! vr6 turbo:) handapower? (sergevr6)

ok, no bites yet, so ill tell you more. i am trying to find a FMIC for my 2000 vr6. i have a ceramic ball bearing T3/T4, which should produce some REAL power. i was looking for a FMIC that didnt stick out at the lip spoiler. i want it to be around 24" in length. I think a 4" thick IC should suffice, but im not sure what everyone elses experiences are. i have a euro bumper, and im not getting rid of it. any modifications to the inside of the bumper are acceptable. I like Gary H's setup with the big surface cut in the bumper ala motorsport stylee! looks badass.
what about a 24x7x4? think that would work, or you think its a little too big?
also- no cutting the support in the front all the way through! worried about that, i wanna keep some rigitity to the car if i go into a tree or something!
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