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Long story short - An audio installer put a screw into the "sniffer" located underneath the spare tire area. We knew this -- car failed smoke test -- tighten fuel cap light x 1 day - some unk evap leak code (CEL) everyday after that.
Cleared code once -- same thing (Tighten Fuel Cap x 1 day - CEL everyday after that - code unk) This was 12 months ago...Finally got around to sealing leak/hole with epoxy -- went to get CEL cleared in order to test "repair"
No Evap Leak code - In its place we found:
01056 - P0420 Catalyst System Bank 1 - Efficiency Below Threshhold
00665 - P0299 TurboCircuit/Super Charger Boost Sensor (A) - Value below lower control limit
Likley these codes are related to hole in "sniffer" - but unsure. And where did my Evap Leak code go?
Also have full APR exhaust with numerous leaks (and no response from APR) Link to images: http://picasaweb.google.com/St...csAPR
Car seems to be performing above norm (my norm with leak for 12 months) Hit redline hard and triple digit MPH today after codes were cleared -- DAMN CEL came on after approx 50 miles at 2700 RPM in stop and go traffic. Code(s) unknown.
Have Dealer service appointment Wed (HID recall)
All Thoughts/Chuckles/Ideas Appreciated
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