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what times should this run

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ok i just want to se around what i can expect to run wiht theis setup and some practice at the track..
ok first off with motor in my jetta i ran a 15. flat wiht bald mud and snow tires. ok heres the setup
94 golf completely gutted out( just dash and drivers seat left. no panels or ne thing)
vr6 with chip, cai, slc tranny,mk3 headgasket,no a/c, new stock clutch, relocated battery, polyeurothane mounts all around, lightened flywheel, milled head( just enough to make it flat) and possibly some slight head work and 2.5 custom exhaust, gasket matched intake manifold and turn2 crank pulley.. what do you guys estimate witha good driver..

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Re: what times should this run (jok3sta)

it'll be SLOWER then crx wit a cx moto lol
Re: what times should this run (billyVR6)

yeah joksta you'll be in da 13's but watch out 4 those crx's

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Re: what times should this run (FULLE LOADED)

ooopss. lol wrong s/n lol ur still a biatch
Re: what times should this run (jok3sta)

You should run low 14's
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