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What to buy?

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Due to my extreme inability to make desicions, I will have you guys take a stab at it. I am considering an 84 GTI. The ad says that it runs, and that it has no rust, and the guy only wants $500 for it. I've called him twice, but had no return phone call. The other option is an 87 Cabby with about 140k miles on it. It runs really bad if at all sometimes. I'm thinking I could get it and do an engine swap to breathe some life into it.
My goal is to have a car for $3500 or less that looks nice, runs nice and will be fairly reliable. It can have some down-time, as I have another car to drive, but it sucks gas.
Or, would I be better off just going out and finding a nice scirocco for around the same price? I mean, I like them all. It's a sickness really......
Decisions, decisions.......

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Re: What to buy? (200HP4dr)

get the gti.............i would anyday.............cabby would be kool as well but are you into convertables...........
i guess it depends on how much work is involved btw the two and which one satisfies your hunger more...........hehehhe
sorry did i help?.....
Re: What to buy? (Man&Golf)

I don't know if I loke convertibles. Never had one. I think it would be fun. But it's gotta be comfy. I can't take a car beating the crap out of me every day or on long 2-4 drives.
Re: What to buy? (200HP4dr)

thats a tough decision that I think about often...
have you driven all of these cars?
the GTI sounds like a good deal if you are willing to put the time into it...
Scirrocos are nice and to me it seems like the build quality is more solid then the Rabbits... especially interior parts... as for most of the engine mechanical components, both cars share a good deal of parts...
are you looking for speed or just a cruiser? or both?
Re: What to buy? (lostinnc)

84 GTI, even bone stock I love mine. And I am sure i will love it more once I drop a 16v in it...
Re: What to buy? (schleppy)

Cabbys are about 500lbs heavier.
Re: What to buy? (200HP4dr)

get the gti, a lot more fun in its stock setup than the cabrio. the gti has a close ratio tranny which is one of its high points. and its about 200 lbs lighter than the cabrio. cabby's are excellent, but unless you find a good one, figure on spending some money on a new top. i own both, btw.
Re: What to buy? (lostinnc)

A speedy cruiser would be in my best interests. But I also understand it's not going to smoke the tires and perform like a high displacement V6 or a V8. That's okay, I want something fun. I'm tired of fast, but soul-less.
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