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What to do next?

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Suspension mods aside, now that I have been 'chipped', is there a somewhat logical path of progression for engine/powertrain mods?
Just lookin for some guidance..
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Re: What to do next? (DJ Joe Mama)

If you want to keep the K03 but want extra power, look no further than Adrenalin's soon to be released nitrous oxide kit. A real 65+hp WHEEL whenever you need the extra juice to beat the K04's.

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Re: What to do next? (DJ Joe Mama)

most people do downpipe, and then a catback, or a full turboback exhaust. that's the next place to pick up power without going to a bigger turbo...
Re: What to do next? (John A)

Cool, but (being somewhat of a newbie and all..) what qualities/aspects are important? If money is not an issue what would you get? If money IS an issue what would you get...
thanks everyone...
Re: What to do next? (DJ Joe Mama)

well, if it was me, i'd look for a mandrel bent 2.5-3.0" turbo back exhaust.
right now chris green (on this board) makes one and Forced Motion makes one, and Jim Wilson (from upsolute) is working on some exhaust parts as well.
on an exhaust the important things are good welds, no hitting when it's installed, a sound you like (and can live with), and it should have proven performance gains. some people have gone to midas after work and build up custom systems that made power -- while others opt for $1200 systems from other vendors.
not sure what i'd get, as i've never contemplated exhaust for my car.... (i've got techtonics on my auto-x rabbit)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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