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what to do?

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which would help handling more? swaybars or upper stress bars? i know that the swaybars are designed to help handling, and body roll, but do the upper stressbars help as well?
also, to help some more, i'm looking at getting koni yellows, with 17" wheels. not sure what springs yet. iknow they will be h&r's, but not sure which ones. i want to lower my car 2", but i don't want the stiffness of the race springs. any suggestions there would be great. also:
what would the best place to get either swaybars and stressbars be?
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Re: what to do? (sanity29)

anyone? please
Re: what to do? (sanity29)

Re: what to do? (weissguy)

thanx, but i want to know if the stress bars work the same as swaybars. i understand the the stressbars stiffin the body, but will the help with body roll at all? is there really a need to get both stress and sway bars?
Re: what to do? (sanity29)

I think rear sway bar should be your first buy if you want less body roll, less understeer.
I asked this question awhile back . . . http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=155084
Seems the Jetta stiff body doesnt benefit greatly from the strut bars, except maybe in extreme racing situations.
Daemon42 is a great source of info on this topic, you might try a search for his posts.
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