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What u think of these Freedom Design sides w/337 front and rear spoilers.

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I finally got these painted and put on the other day. I can't decide if i like them or not. They might be a little much with the 337 front and rear. I'll tell you, after spending all this money piecing together the body kit, i'm not even sure i like it!
Anyone have experience removing side skirts? That glue(tar) wasn't playing!

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IMO, they're hideous. But that's obviously my opinion.
However, a bit of advice: Don't just slap body parts on your car. Try some photoshop experimenting. Test fit the pieces with masking tape or something. Take some pictures, do some thinking. Don't permanently install parts unless you are absolutely sure you like what you see.
Re: (Overdrive)

Hideous.............i can see these are gonna get good reviews!
I didn't think they looked that bad.........i should've gone with the 337 sides too though............what was i thinking? Got em' cheap, maybe that was it!
Never again...........
Re: (mini911)

Ahh, this is what us people in the marketing industry refer to as "buyers remorse". It happens whenever people drop large amounts of money on stuff and need to validate their purchase.
I don't think they're that bad IMO. They match up better with the 337 front than the rear though.
Re: (C-town Driver)

they arent too bad.. but the back part where it differs from the front sorta bugs me...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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