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Re: What wheels are these? (PhilHVW)

They are the aforementioned wheels. The file is named misleadingly. To view, click on it, when it fails to load, click in you address bar and hit <enter>.
Since you're there, why not check out the page and the description to the right? There's a lot of stuff. http://bcboy.artshost.com/vwvwheels/index2.html
quote:[HR][/HR]Jettaevo has Mille Miglia Emotion 2 at 18x8.5 at 25 lbs each with 35 mm offset. His Tires are P7000 supersports at 225/40/18- to total cost was $2450 CAD from http://www.1010tires.com. Jettaevo has H&R coilovers and only experiences rubbing when lowered bellow 2.5[HR][/HR]​

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