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Hello everyone. I have a 2019 VW Jetta R-Line with the factory audio system on it which is very weak. I have installed 4 aftermarket speakers already and now is time to install the amplifier.
The power cable to the stereo is always ON, all the time is receiving +12V, so no matter if you have the ignition OFF the stereo can be turned on to hear music.
My question comes to where the cable/wire that comes out from the amplifier as System Remote Control (Blue-White), that should be sending the On signal to the amplifier, should be connected? I have been trying to find a wiring diagram for the factory car stereo with no luck. Is there any other location either on the fuse box or any other place that I can connect this wire so that when I turn on the stereo the amplifier turns on and that when I turn it off the amp turns off?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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