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What you think of this aluminum dash kit?

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I bid on it but I wont get it if I hear too many bad things about it. From the pic on the bottom it looks fine to me. It has a 3 year warranty but I wanna know if any of you have tryed it b4 and how they look? does it look cheap?
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Re: What you think of this aluminum dash kit? (JmaqVR6)

from what i've read on here, i've been trained pretty well by the vortex. my opinion is that the stick on kits aren't as nice as replacement ones. my friend had stick on wood on his gti and it didn't look too nice. needless to say he bought the 25th anniversary kit and installed and you can tell the difference. i'm sure it will look okay, but you might as well spend the more $$ and get the real deal, replacement ones.
nice to see another bergen county dubber
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