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whats a good upgrade to stock

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i want to upgrade my stock headlights in a 1994 jetta --i don't want to change wiring harnesses or run relays -just plug and play --is there any that will work for me? thanks -
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Re: whats a good upgrade to stock (jetta2u)

No offence, but it sounds as if all you're willing to do is swap bulbs, which won't offer you a tremendous improvement with the stock DOT housings. However, if that's what you're limited to, I'd suggest picking up a set of Philips Vision Plus bulbs.
Yea, he's right.
With your year car you may find a marked improvement in your stock lighting (with the same bulbs) just by adding a relay.
The reason is, over time your wiring breaks down. It's a gradual thing so you don't notice it - until one day you say, "hmmm, maybe I should upgrade my lights because they kinda suck" (or something like that
Get a buddy or family member that knows about relays to stop by. It's easier than you think.
This, coupled with a bulb upgrade will do you well.
But you may want to invest in some ecode lights. To make the most out of them, just aim them properly.
Good luck.
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Re: (nater)

yeah im looking for the easy way just swapping bulbs --for now --i do a lot of wiring at work --and-helping my friend wire motorcycles at his shop
----so doing relays its not really about the actual work doing it --the problem i have is --just haven't got the time until spring
i do commercial heating --and the company i work for just lost 2 guys --my middle name is overtime until March

but in the springtime if she survives the winter i'll run relays
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