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whats good with some flat black golf/GTI pics

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im buying one and i just wanna see how they look cause this one is still being painted so i have no finished product to admire. and i already tried the google seach. im not retarded....well not completely
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Re: whats good with some flat black golf/GTI pics (JCdubber)

do a search in the faq ive seen one in there
trixx, he's got a bunch of posts in a thread on this same page
so ive found like one or two cars. theres gotta be some flat or satin black cars out there
Re: whats good with some flat black golf/GTI pics (JCdubber)

edit: eff it
here's some epic whoring

gonna miss the flat black.... but change is good

Modified by trixx at 8:00 PM 10-19-2008
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super.. what size are those wheels 17x8?
Re: (trixx)

Hmmm...I can't decide if I like the flat black or not. It'll prolly grow on me.
Re: (cjslapshot)

i don't think i'll ever understand how that grille was meant to look good.

Modified by reynolds9000 at 1:51 AM 10-20-2008
Re: (reynolds9000)

i like the idea but the execution was just not up to par...

trixx, what is the final rear offset of those vette wheels again?
Re: (The Brad Inc.)

et 17 front et 12 rear
Re: (trixx)

awesome thanks! i'm building some 9.5" et15 and was unsure how much they'd poke
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