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Re: whats it cost to send a car across the country? (AgentVW)

Fly out and drive it home!
I drove my Squareback from Oregon to S.Carolina (via the CA, AZ, NM, TX route) in 3 days...in January. Back when I was in the Navy and young and invincible
At least you'd have HEAT, a quiet ride and cruise control http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
Here's your chance to see the US and get to know your ride! Take advantage of it. Follow my advice: Sleep in small motels and DON"T BUY CHEAP GAS! (or at least carry a bottle of gas dryer with you). If you could have someone with you I'd recommend it (then you could drive non-stop like I did from Oregon to Colorado
Heck, if your route allows, you could stop off at a fellow Vortexers and take a break, checking out each other's ride http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif Did this several time on my way to a VW show from Oregon to Texas (again, in my Squareback with air-cooled list members). It's a great way to put a car and face to a name
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