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Whats my corrado worth?

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Hey guys, here's another one of "those" posts.
As a college student, money is always real tight, and I'm thinking of selling my baby. I'm just curious what I could expect to get for it if I decide to sell... I'll snap some more pics next time she gets a bath, but heres the lowdown...

1990 Corrado G60
Freshly rebuilt GT charger (with ~3000 miles)
Motortechnic stage IV chip
68mm pulley
268 cam
Lightened flywheel
VR6 clutch (brand new)
2 1/2" TT exhaust with 2 1/2" DTM tip
ISV reroute
Eurosport IC tubes
Modded airbox
K&N filter
Nology Plug wires
Custom Mk2 rain tray
Suspension / Running gear-
16” O.Z. F1 cup plus rims
215/45/16 Kuhmo Ecsta 712 tires
Crossdrilled vented discs all around
Neuspeed springs
Bilstein shocks
ABD spring caps
Neuspeed 28mm rear sway bar
Neuspeed 25mm front sway bar
Neuspeed front strut bar
Exterior / Interior -
Zender rear wing
Euro chin spoiler
Kamei eyebrow
VR6 grill
Single wiper conversion
VR6 clear turns
Vwvortex.com sticker

Custom push start
Jetta III shift knob
Alpine CD deck with 2 JL 10s, 2 Boston 6X9s, 2 Boston 5" mids, and Boston 2 1 1/2" tweeters & amps...
124,xxx miles
Car runs real strong, noticably faster than a VR6
Mobil 1 synthetic and Premium gas since I've owned it
Replaced within past year: Clutch, starter, rod bearings, ABS speed sensor, front wheel bearings, plus more...
two small wear marks on drivers seat bolster
small door dings
a few small paint "issues", will post pictures (clearcoat peeling in small area, etc.) overal 8 out of 10
Everything else works great, even the sunroof

Thanks guys.

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Re: Whats my corrado worth? (sirhcorrado)

I'll give you bout 13 nollas

Hate to tell you but Corrado's values are falling like bombs in Afghanistan
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Re: Whats my corrado worth? (Padfan1)

If you hold out til end of Jan. you'll get alot more. People are getting tax refunds and all, but a month before Christmas is always a bad time to sell a car. Everyones worried about christmas gifts and all they aren't worried about buying a car. The car business always dies right before Christmas and peaks when tax refunds start coming around
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