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What's the best method for balancing tires?

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Can anyone list the various methods of wheel/tire balancing and the prons/cons of each?
I just got a set of Dunlop SP5000's and have to get them mounted and balanced. A few places say that the don't use weights anymore, they use some sort of liquid...never heard of that before.
Thanks everybody!
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Re: What's the best method for balancing tires? (98GTi-VR6)

Re: What's the best method for balancing tires? (98GTi-VR6)

98GTI-VR6, have not heard of any alternatives to the standard wheel weight method, which has been around forever. However, there have been improvements in how wheels/tires are balanced with weights. Go to www.hunter.com, click products in the left hand column, then scroll down that page until you find the GSP9700 Vibration Control System. Click that link, then the link that directs you to locate a GSP9700. Obviously, you can also do some reading about the machine and the technology behind it. I have been to Hunter in St. Louis and have seen the technical explanation as to how it works. My wheels/tires get balanced on nothing else now. It really is a great machine, much more capable than run-of-the-mill tire balancers, IMHO. Mount all your weights on the inside of the wheel to keep your rims looking clean. BTW, Tire Rack uses a couple of these machines, I believe.
Re: What's the best method for balancing tires? (RiskMan)

TTR uses the top of the line Hunter machines you've mentioned and we road force all packages at no additional cost.
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