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what's the estimated running price on the Cayenne?

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Will it be more or about the same as the 911 series?
... and will it compete with the X5's and the ML55, or wil it compete with the G-Wagon and Hummer lines?
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Re: what's the estimated running price on the Cayenne? (bluespace01)

copied from another board:
While I did not talk to a dealer who saw the vehicle in CA, I did talk to a salesperson who talked to heir GM who saw it, and this is what I got:
Size is BMW X 5 ish
AWD all the time
Interior exceptional (very unporsche-like styling interior)
8cyl w/340hp
8cyl Turbo w/450hp
6cyl (unknown hp and will relaese 1 year after others)
Tire sizes are 18", 19" and 20"!!!
Should receive first deliveries by end of year
They were asking the dealers what they should price it at. rumored 8cyl runs about 59K w/out ad-ons Turbo 70K. 6cyl may be 39K.

bear in mind the totally unsubstantiated source.
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