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What's the Opinion on Brake upgrades on the S4?

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What is the general opinion on the stock brake's suitability for chipped street S4s and the various levels of brake upgrades available?
I notice most people see the size of the stock brake rotors and say holy cow those are gorgeous - and big! But then I see S4 owners who casually throw them out and do a $2500+ upgrade to Stoptech/Porsche/Brembo brakes. But I hear that the stock rotors are certain to warp the first time you give them a workout. Is this true?
If I just wanted to be able to drive hard on the street, and eliminate the grabbiness, warpage and dust issues with the stock brakes, what would people recommend? Would swapping to mintex or ferodo pads and new Ate slotted rotors be enough to do the trick or is there a major fault here that requires massive brakes to fix? Also I don't want to add weight with heavier rotors/calipers!
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Re: What's the Opinion on Brake upgrades on the S4? (4DR Assassin)

if I had the cash, I'd swap out my A4 brakes for Porsche Boxster calipers.. but I have a few other priorities.. like food
I did a track event at Road America this fall when my odometer just turned over 4000.. the car was completely stock.. it handled 200 miles with no problem.. I wouldn't recommend doing that every weekend (and next time I'll probably swap out the pads to something a little more race-worthy).. but the stock setup is fine for street use
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