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whats up everybody

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what going on everybody i'm new to forum. My name is Shawn and i live in sp NJ
I drive a 03 gti 1.8t, I only have a intake for now but i just got the car so things will change real soon. I was wondering if anybody has a 02-03 Jetta that wanted to swap front ends with a 03 gti. the color of my car is indigo blue so if any jettas out there have this color that would be great.
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Re: whats up everybody (EaStCoAsTdUbZ)


You might want to start a new thread with a different title about a swap for a better response. Post in the Tri-State forum also.
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Re: whats up everybody (MiaGTI_118T)

Welcome to the tex!!
Get ready to drop loads of money into your car
Re: whats up everybody (2003GLI-NJR)

i used to run track in south plainfield......i live in bergen count - rivervale, welcome to vortex - i remeber being new - dont mind the scary people that dont like your car. im still afraid to post pictures of mine
Re: whats up everybody (JohnnyDii)

Welcome. Good luck with the swap. I'll keep a look out for a indigo blue JTI in the future http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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