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85 Jetta,cis-e,auto
Ok, here's the scenerio; After the car is warmed up, if I should need to come to a stop, if it's a short stop like a stop sign, the car will absolutely bog down and I have to floor it to get going. If I have to stop for a longer time, like a stop light for more than 30 seconds or a minute, the problem doesn't exsist. I'm hoping it's not the trans and I'm picking up a new coolant temp sensor even though I don't believe that's it.
It feels like fuel starvation, could the culprit be the differential regulator? I do have to admit that there's a little too much fluid in the trans for the last week or so since my brother talked me into putting half a bottle of some kind of trans treatment in. I'll be washing out the filter and putting in new fluid this weekend. Any other ideas are appreciated.


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