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Re: what's your dream dealership? (thetatau87)

quote:[HR][/HR]I do all my own work because I don't trust anyone else to do the work to the level of quality I expect. If I ever face a job that I must take to a shop due to lack of special equipment I avoid dealers like the plague. I go to specialty VW shops that have a good rep and are straight with me. For a dealer to win my business and trust they would need to have some serious VW gear heads that are passionate about Corrados and it wouldn't hurt to have some mechanics that dirve/mod them too.
Most dealers I've dealt with just keep replacing parts untill the problem is fixed. That's fine if it's under waranty, but if I'm paying for the parts and labor I want a through and accurate diagnosis of the problem before a wrench gets turned.
In my mind I don't think a dealer can operate profitably with this mentality. Dealers should stick to new cars under waranty. I'll take my specialty or modded car to a perf shop that works on similar cars day in and day out. Now a perf shop joined to a dealer might work. Bottom line is the place has to be crawling with gearheads who know more about my car than me and I know quite a bit. Otherwise I'm doing the work myself.[HR][/HR]​
Yeah, what he said. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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