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Wheel Adapters and Spacers

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I was hoping to find help here since Everywhere is isn't much Good. It's a little of VW Topic though..
Ok, I got a '85 Mazda RX-7, It's a Wide 4Bolt pattern, I think 4x4.5" or something, I am trying to take a set of 17x7.5s that came off my GTI and put them on the RX-7, But the wheels are 4x100mm, I was told by a RX-7 Guy that with a Bolt Adapter that is 3/4" Thick i can run just about any VW/Honda/Acura 4x100 17" Wheel.
Anyone know where I can get Adapters like this? I am trying to get this done for christmas as a Gift to the RX-7 Owner. I would greatly appreciate any help, and links or contact numbers would be awesome guys, thanks.
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Re: Wheel Adapters and Spacers (Rob96GTI)

H&R? Try http://www.hrsprings.com. Outside of that, I don't know what to tell you.
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