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Wheel advice - similar to Wellingtons?

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I've got an '02 sedan with the luxury package which includes the 15" wellingtons. I really like the look of these wheels, however, after driving my brother's '96 A4, I feel that the 16" wheel does offer a noticeable handling improvement. (The suspension is slightly firmer but it's not a sport package, by far).
So, I'm looking to do one of several things:
1) Forget the bigger wheel, wait until the stock Michelins are due for a replacement and upgrade from a 195 to a 205 width tire and leave it at that.
2) Buy a VW 16" wheel. Problem here is that I'd like something similar in appearance to the Wellingtons. The stock GLX 16" wheels for the 2002 I don't much care for. And the only other VW wheel that looks promising is the Capezio, which is a 17" wheel. 17" is slightly larger than I'd like, plus I've heard the Capezios are on the heavy side. I'm not going to be racing this car but of course don't want to lose any more acceleration than I have to

3) Buy an aftermarket wheel. I did a quick search on tirerack, and the only promising one listed was the Mille Miglia Cello. At 14 spokes, it's a bit more fussy looking than the Wellington or Capezio but doable I suppose, and much cheaper than the Capezio.
One thing I can't seem to find is spec sheets on the wheels - VW or otherwise. I'd like to compare the materials, construction, and weight of all these wheels. Any references you can send my way? Also, any comments on the expected handling difference between a 15" wheel with 205 tires, vs a 16" with 205 width tires are welcome.
And yes, search is disabled at the moment, otherwise I'd have done it already.
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