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Wheel pic

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Looking for a picture of this wheel on an actual Passat (A4 will do):
*No luck posting the actual wheel pic

VW Duett
Thanks for the help!

[Modified by precious, 4:25 AM 11-23-2001]
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Re: Wheel pic (precious)

That's a nice looking OEM wheel http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

Can't help you with a "wheel on car"-pic
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Re: Wheel pic (precious)

Anyone have the above wheel on their ride? If so, please post a pic. Thanks!
Re: Wheel pic (Stargazer)

Thanks for the Photoshop effort! From what I see, and my wife certainly agrees, we both prefer your Ronal R-28 over the Duett. Does not seem to compliment the vehicle well at all!
As far as VW accessory wheels go, I guess I am back to the Tango.
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