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long story short. second flat in two weeks... my car is on the side of a highway now. this time its the back driver side tire blew out. I jacked it up, got the lugs/bolts off and the wheel still wont come off. its almost like something else it holding it on. but there isnt. at least it doesnt seem that way... Any help!?? please...
we tried a lot too... a rubber mallet, kickin it, lots of stuff. just not workin...
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If it's a steel rim (you don't mind possibly scratching it), try wacking it with something hard like a hammer or the tire iron. A rubber mallet is good for not marking up the rim, but doesn't deliver the same impact "shock" that might jar the wheel loose. Of course if it's an alloy rim you probably don't want to do that, unless you want to try to hit it from the backside where any marks won't really show.
Alternatives are heating the rim and/or using some liquid wrench/pb blaster type fluid to try to break/loosen the bond between the wheel and hub.
I had the same problem, but it was a steel wheel, so I could just wack on it with a hammer and it finally came loose after a few tries.
Good Luck
we did heat it up with a torch for a while.. nothing... i soppose its either a few nicks here and there and get my spare on, or my car stays on the highway... darn it. i have bad luck.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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