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wheel question??

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i got a vr6 gti and i was wondering how the mk4 wolfsburg wheels will fit on my ride. i know they are only a 6.5 diameter but the offset is 42 i believe.
baiscally my question is, i want good looking wheels with my car low. i had 17*7.5 with a 35 ofsett and i got a decent amount of rubbing at my current ride height. with my stock 15s however i get no rubbing.
i just want to know if the wolfsburg wheels with 40 series tires will give me alot of extra room. thanks in advance. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: wheel question?? (RickMoraputi)

WE wheels definitely give you stupid amounts of room. One of our club cars has em, with 8mm spacers up front and 15mm rear just so you can see them! No rubbing like this too.
17x7.5 ET35 is a great setup, I don't know why you had problems, unless you were running 215/40 tires..
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