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Wheel width on 2002 GTI gls

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What width aftermarket wheels fit perfectly on it?
7.5 8 or 8.5?
and tires? 215 or 225
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Re: Wheel width on 2002 GTI gls (ihavenoidea)

18 x 7.5 225/40
stock for the 25th Anniversary Edition GTI
Re: Wheel width on 2002 GTI gls (Evensnowdies)

My girlfriend just put on my old Rim's on her GTI (RH's & no they are not Racing Hart's) and they are 18x8.5 in the front and 18x9's in the back........and it looks awesome. It has that German look (boy I miss those wheels). But it's ok cause I now have 19 inch Braids........
I'll try to post the picture.....
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