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wheel width?

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Does anybody know what effect the wheel width has on wide quality or handling? If one wheel was an inch wider than another, would it reqiure a different size tire to fit it? Do wider wheels bend easier? Thanks in advance for any answers.
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Re: wheel width? (Al Bob)

I have recently gone from 6.5x15 to 7.5x15 wheels, with the same 205/50 Pirelli P700z tires (exact same, i swapped em over), so here's what i have noticed.
When you put the same tires on a wider wheel, the sidewalls will be ever so slightly shorter, the footprint is noticably (er, measureably) wider. Parked next to my neighbors corrado, same tires and stock wheels, the footprint width difference is very easy to see.
In theory (and from what i feel when driving i would say this is noticably true) the tire will stay flatter on the ground when cornering hard. The tire rolls over less, which I have seen from marking the tire shoulder with chalk and doing some test runs.
Ride quality diminished just a bit, the sidewalls are at a different angle and flex less, and i feel the big bumps a little bit more, but the difference is negligable.
Performance is noticably improved, cornering performance is definately up. The difference here is less subtle, the manners in hard corners are much better, grip is definately improved. braking has improved also, and the ABS hardly ever comes on even in very hard emergency stops (I have Repco metal master pads, and my ABS only rarely comes on as the pads resist lockup very well).
On my car, i went from a 33mm offset 6.5" wheel to a 29mm offset 7.5" wheel, and the inner lip is now about a quarter inch closer to the suspension.
The car is a 91' corrado with neuspeed lowering springs and sway bars, bilstien sport dampers and urathane bushings. I have had no tire rubbing issues at all.
Wheels are Ronal LS, and i have to give Gary and the folks at Ronal a plug, he got the offset PERFECT, when i drop a plumb bob from the outer fender lip, it just touches the rim edge at the bottom on all four wheels... and their service was top notch.
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