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wheels on my a2

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I just bought a set of winter tires for my jetta, they're mounted on the stock alloy wheels, so come spring I have to buy a set of wheels.
so can I fit 16 inch wheels with a lowered suspension, without cutting? or do I have to stick to 15 inch wheels?
vw has nice factory wheels foir the cabrio that I can buy through the dealer, but the bigest you can get are 15" and they want big $$ for them. and the only other ones around town look way to ricey for my tastes
so please post pics of your "15 or "16 wheels so I can see what is avaliabe, and what will look good on my a2 jetta
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Re: wheels on my a2 (ViolentBlue)

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Re: wheels on my a2 (Fettes Brot)

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