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Wheels or suspension for christmas?

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I'm having a really hard time deciding which I want to get new wheels
or suspension. If I get the wheels I probably won't put them on until
the summer anyway because I don't want to ruin them.
If I got the wheels I would get:
16x7.5 O.Z. F1 Cup with kumho ecsta supra712's
If I do suspension I'm looking at coilovers from H&R or B&G.
I really love the way the F1's look especially the dark finish with the
color of my car. I'm only getting 16's because I don't want to trash them
and I still plan on doing the coilovers eventually and the 16's should make
my ride a little less harsh.
Any help would be appreciated
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Re: Wheels or suspension for christmas? (boobert)

Get 17"s at least.
With a coilover drop, 16"s will be swallowed.
Re: Wheels or suspension for christmas? (Jman5000)

You might as well get the suspension now and put it on and then throw your wheels on in the summer..Check out some other cars with different sizes of wheels before you buy your 16's. Like jman said 16's will get swallowed up. Even 17's get swallowed in my opinion...bigger is better

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Re: Wheels or suspension for christmas? (Futura-GTI)

I will probably go for the 17's but no larger the pot holes around here suck.
I have a friend with 18's on his beetle and he trashed 2 of them last winter.
ok true he does drive like an idiot and also screwed up his rear end when he trashed the wheels

I guess the suspension would be best. Better performance. Better looks.
Oh well I guess it's off to order my Bentley manual now.
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Re: Wheels or suspension for christmas? (boobert)

No ride problems with my 17's, just keep your stock and run them in the winter. Unless you are hardcore performance/Auto-X type I would go with 17's or bigger.
Re: Wheels or suspension for christmas? (Phishy)

Well, I had the same dilema and realized it's hard to go one way and not the other. We really have been spoiled on the vortex. We are used to seeing car's lowered and with nice rims and it has become the norm. That said, seeing a car with stock suspension and nice rims really stands out like a sore thumb in my eye. Having seen some beautiful lowered cars with sweet rims, other cars which are not lowered seem silly to me. On the other hand, having your car lowered on stock rims also stands out to me. In many cases I think it even looks worse than a car which is in 4x4 mode, but has nice rims. Seeing a car dumped with its wussy stock 15x6" wheels swallowed up in the huge VW fender flares looks like butt to me as well.
In the end, i decided to lower my car first when i had the money, and save for rims. I wanted to let my stock tires go out some more, and be able to feel the handeling benefits on my 15" rims before moving to my 17" rims. I bought H&R sport springs and bilstein sport shocks. I have to say, the car looks really nice lowered. Even my dad loves it. Now that the car is lowered, the 15ers are really wearing me out. The car looks silly really dumped so much. Needless to say my TT 6 spokes wih Pilot Sports will be here friday

Take this from a design major and amatuer car buff - When you change something on these modern cars you cannot make a single adjustment without making an adjustment to the entire "system". That said, I think larger looking or physically larger wheels are needed to fill these huge fenders when the fender cap is reduced significantly. From wheels to engine managment, improving a car's look, feel, and power isn't as easy as just buying an intake and some stickers.
It's up to you then to decide what want to deal with until you have the money for #2. Well, crap, it's your car anyway. Just some pointers
I wrote a book
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