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Re: when was the last time YOU thank'd someone in the SE (Yohannes)

Quote, originally posted by Yohannes »
I would like to thank all that have helped in all my Projects(you know who you are)....
These are a couple of the cars......


Modified by Yohannes at 8:05 AM 2-10-2006

WTF, im in lawrenceville, and not once have i seen any of your cars which i may add are all hot..is the last one the current ride?

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Re: thanks (gt02jettaz)

These last several months have been a blast for me. Maybe is becasue i was never the type of person to go and meet large number of people. When i first started coming to varsity i would rely on my two friends Alen, and Sanel to be there to talk to while walking around, and checking out different rides. It was just too much work for me to remember everybodys names, and just handle the different variety of people. But after coming to the GTGs i realized how fun you all are. Truly an awsome crew. Lately ive been spending more and more time in regional forums just to see if there is a new event happening just so i can get a chance to see more of you all.

Its been great, from all the GTGs that there have been and the crew that made it as fun as can possibly be (like last night)..some people to thank off top of my head that are regulars at many gtgs, make the fun and hanging out possible. you Fellas/Fellasetes rock! If i missed you my apologies!
Kyle-for helping out a bortha with fender issues, http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif, and being a stand up guy
Nash-for making many of the GTGs possible so i can get a chance to meet all these fine people, and being a cool mofo http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif After all that you have done for the rest of us, you are still down to earth guy, and not some stuck up ******!
Noosh-for teaming up with nash and making things possible http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif shame i dont see you as often as Nash
Richard-for arguing with everybody on MK4 fourms, and being an inventive cat. i always look forward to your posts, even though they may be contraversial
Russ-For being there for me while i was in the great need for some spacers QUICK, and for being my inspiration to go low, even tho i still cannot compete with you!
Debra-"mabye" for being such an interesting, energetic, and overall very fun-loving person to be around, and thanks for the house party. I had great time beating you at pool. i guess i wont be able to take the free beer now
Sanel-for being sanel, and a great friend to rely on
Alen-for being late everywhere we need to go, and like Sanel, helping out with many car things.
Justin-For being patient while driving behind me during my struggles thu ATL, and for being a one cool guy. and that silky hair that gets all the girls to want to touch it Also for always making me look forward to your awsome photo skills!
Ray- for speeding like a mofo on the way to APR tuning and making my turbo feel like a slacker next to your 2.Go. Doing 125, is really risking getting fired from my job.haha
Casey- i dont even know where to start with you man, but everytime you are around i get the giglevitis. You are funny as hell, and bring everybody even closer with your acts and jokes. You are a quality guy!
Walker- for being a stand up guy with mad photo skills!, wish you are not always busy so you can hang out more with the DDs!
Alex-brings the joy to everybody, knows how to make someone feel welcome, and his passatouareg with mad off road capabilities. Every time there is an event, i look forward to what kind of shirt you will wear just for giggles.
Scott-for making me scream like a little girl inside with that exhaust of yours
Kris-for allowing the fender rolling party at your place, and letting me take some of your 2x4 wood so i can jack my car up.
Chris-for getting us kicked out of PS3 parking. You know i was never mad. Overall, you are one cool cat man. Like your sense of humor.
Eric-For never selling me your recaros
Paul-For being one of the Few MkV owners to come and have fun with us, funny dude!
Jeff-For inspiring me to do more with my car!
Thomas- Dont see you often but admire your desire for cars, and mountains!
Diego-hmm i supose for leaving couple hours early every time we go somewhere, very cool guy, majoring same as me!
Lee-the Non dub guy, funny as hell, thanks for the private DürtyDüb member vids., and for blowing my ear drums in the Caddy at the PS3!
Mike-Fun guy, great sense of humor!
-Im Looking forward to many more GTG with you all!

Modified by Elvir at 10:48 AM 6-10-2006
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