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Re: where can I get an ABD grille for an mk4 jetta??? (Trbnium 2K1)

Also http://www.landspeedusa.com/products/vw_exterior_jivgrill.htm
However...I do hope you have better luck than myself as well as a few others I have read about with this grill!
To recap my story from a few months ago... I love the look of this grill and the way it was shaped...however I was un-happy with its design once I had gotten it.
It seemed cheap and very easily broken. Once I installed it, it never really seemed to match "perfectly". Well, not to my surprise, 2 moths later it was busted and I was left with nothing. I have a Kamei now and very happy! Sturdy and not budging once installed and also cheaper! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif But to each his own! Good luck!
my .02

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