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where can I get my car 170hp chip

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I know this has been beaten to death, but I really looked ... searched the internet the archive for similar topics but no luck.
I have a 2001 wolfsburg 1.8T AWW and I would like to chip it.. but I don't want to have 190hp or 200+ all I want the passat chip or may be the new 1.8T 180hp ...
please help.
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Re: where can I get my car 170hp chip (hsaleem)

The ECU's are not interchangeable. You can't "just" get 170hp-and why would you want to? i would recommed a Neuspeed chip as they tend to be a little bit more conservative and very drivable, plus they are pretty cheap. You will still gain about 35-40hp with just the chip. Believe me, you want it!!
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Re: where can I get my car 170hp chip (Boostcreep)

The ECU's are not interchangeable, but are the chips? I mean just the chip that controls engine management.
Before I get my head bitten off, I have had NO success with any chip in my country, so I am looking for an OEM solution that I could import.
Re: where can I get my car 170hp chip (hsaleem)

Why would you want THAT?!?!
Re: where can I get my car 170hp chip (hsaleem)

if money isn't any issue you could purchase a second ECU for your car and mail it to any of the chip tuners and they could install a chip for you and send it back. this way if you were worried about your warranty you could just put the stock ECU back in the car before you went to the dealer.
good luck
Re: where can I get my car 170hp chip (NJWolf18T)

it is not the warranty...well I just don't wanna blow the turbo or the DV.
this is what I thought of...
basically more power -----> more stress on the engine parts, unless it has been designed to generate 200hp .... also 200 hp is a lot for this car, I have 16' rims 205/55 all season stock tires, I have no intention to upgrade the rims any time soon, (BBS RX II) they are cool.
also I heard that 200+ hp chip doesn't offer smooth linear torque carve ... comparing to the stocks.
any idea which chip is best drivable?
Re: where can I get my car 170hp chip (hsaleem)

these engines can take much more than the 200hp these chips are putting out. also, there have been people on this forum that have close to 100,000 chipped miles on their cars without incident. not to mention the chips are very smooth and powerful... drive one if you can and see for yourself.
good luck,
Re: where can I get my car 170hp chip (Ganchi)

Ganchi you may have a car with similar specs to our cars in Venesuala, mexico or europe. Get me your ECU number and I'll check to see if we have a file for your car.
Re: where can I get my car 170hp chip (Bug_Power)

the block is capable of handling +300 with no problems, Audi is racing stock 1.8T's w/big tubo and piping (300-350hp) in f1 look-a-like bodys, these engines last 1 full racing season and the only thing they do between races is changing the fluids !!! no blown engines, the only thing you can damage is the turbo! (and DV's but they are cheap$)
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