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Where can I get this sheet of paper from?

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Re: (H2o_TRBO_GTi)

quote:[HR][/HR]Don't know. Is that Paul McCartney?
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Re: (2kjettaguy)

Well its obvious that its taped on the underside of yur hood, so just rip off the felt and its there.
Maybe a bit dirty but probably still readable
Re: (Uncle Carl)

haha...how is that obvious...ne1 wanna rip into it and find out?
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Re: (intonation)

Funny thing...that sheet is called the fractory build sheet...it tells the production associates what level parts go on each model....I found mine sitting in the spare tire wheel well, too bad now I dont know where I put it...BTW mine was all in German...(Made in Wolfsberg)
Re: (Tugz_Vr6)

it's not under that padding, took mine off a while ago.
Re: (agt5)

well i dont have one because i have no padding.......wait, where's my padding? Why dont i get any?
Im sure you wouldnt be able to read it under the paint...
But it's in Heiroglyphics, so what would you read anyway?

you people are all nuts. Obviosly after they paint the car they can't put it back on... it would cause a fire.... duh!! They move it to under your headliner. Just take that off, and it will be there.
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Re: (Jason_R)

choclate,pistachio, or rice?
Re: ([email protected]_VVuLFzBoRg)

why would they move it to under the headliner....not that i matters
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Re: (Tugz_Vr6)

quote:[HR][/HR]BTW mine was all in German...(Made in Wolfsberg)[HR][/HR]​
Ooooh. Lucky you.
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Re: (Jman5000)

found mine in the pass side rear seat pocket, folded up neatly
Re: (JayDub)

I think mine is causing the check engine light to come on.
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