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where can i get?

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looking for the lip extensions for my BBS RM's. who was it that sold these, hopefully in the US?
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Re: where can i get? (gti1497)

good luck, i was looking for the same thing. there's a place in England that sells lips. this was in a thread a little while ago, just search for it.
Re: where can i get? (3WheelGTi)

lets keep this up there i really want to find these!
Re: where can i get? (gti1497)

If found some (used) in the classifieds here on the 'tex. They're not the larger ones, just the stock size. I have to replace a couple from the previous owner's attempts at being street cleaner ridin' dem curbs

There's a user name "rich pugh" or something like that did his wheels real nice with extensions I dont have is email though.

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