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Where has THE RACE STORE gone?

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I was looking to order something from The Race Store, and it appears to have disappeared? The web site is still there, but no response via e-mail and the phone message says that their mailbox is full. Anyone know? Are they off racing?
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Re: Where has THE RACE STORE gone? (1sweet16v)

I'm sure glad that my refunded $$ wnet through Yesterday, but I really wanted that BMC CDA box!! Any idea where to get one?
Re: Where has THE RACE STORE gone? (Bumble Bug)

can anyone say boiler room?
Re: Where has THE RACE STORE gone? (nemesis9977)

quote:[HR][/HR]can anyone say boiler room?[HR][/HR]​
Yeah, i get the impression from the way the KW suspension group buy went down in the MK4 forum that they must have known up front that there was no way they could sell that many Variant 1's for less than cost, but they took the $$$ anyway.
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