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Where to buy a rebuilt OBD1 head?

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I'm about to dive into a head gasket and am anticipating needing the head shaved and rebuilt. Rather than mess with the machining, does anyone know where I can purchase a rebuilt head outright/exchange that's ready to bolt up? I'm not interested in performance mods, just a solid stocker. My car is OBD1 with distributor.
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Re: Where to buy a rebuilt OBD1 head? (Bora20)

i have a head that can be rebuilt it in perfect shape.send it to machine shop and save on down time.i emailed u let me know.
Re: Where to buy a rebuilt OBD1 head? (kingofA2`s)

Hey Karman, Jim Chu has one for sale in the classifieds as we speak.
For new I would look into http://www.schimmelperformance.com http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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