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where to buy rust repair panels??

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I have a 1984 Rabbit GTi, black, i am looking for the welded in panel from the tallights down, i have rust under my taillights, and under my bumper, was wondering if anyone knew of such a thing..
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Re: where to buy rust repair panels?? (dacolino)

I would look around at your local junkyard and see if you can find a good Rabbit with a straight, rust-free body; if you do that, you can have the yard cut it off, then take it to a good body shop and have them weld it in. (Unless you can do it yourself) Thats what I did for the QP on my Rabbit. Good luck! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif


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Re: where to buy rust repair panels?? (dacolino)

In J.C. Whitney they have a panel For $19.95, Rear Lower Panel part # 81VS9019T phone # 800.867.4227 online also.
They offer lots of others, plus floor pans.
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