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Where to buy speaker grills

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Where is a place to buy speaker grills? I checked online (found no 6x9"). I found some nice ones, but you have to buy in bulk! Let me know please. 6x9, black, plastic or metal. Thanks!
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Re: Where to buy speaker grills (mattemerson)

try your local small audio shop .. for such a small and cheap item, shipping probably kill the deals u find online ... unless u r looking for like a custom grille or some special design, just look around locallly, circuit city or best buy may even have them, check in with the install bay ppl
Re: Where to buy speaker grills (supertle)

Rock on, I was thinking the same thing about CC or Best Buy, but thought there could be an online place. I didn't think about the shipping probably doubling the price!
Anyone have ideas of where to install 6 x 9 speakers in a 4 Door Golf? I was thinking the parcel shelf, but it might be hard to make it a clean install, esp. with black grills on a grey carpet shelf.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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