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I've been looking around, using the limited search, but to no avail.
Anyone know where I can pick up a set of these bad boys?
(Yes, I know they're expensive. I like 'em!)

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Re: Where to find RH or KW Cups? (sniper27)

GMP Performance,
1 888 488-2028
these guys are the RH US distributors.
btw, KW doesnt sell these rims anymore, only RH/Artec (they are both the same company and Artec actually makes the wheels, the center badge is interchangeable)
check out http://www.rh-wheels.com
Also, these rims aren't really that expensive at all.... its just that everyone wants them so the prices are boosted. I was actually going to get these wheels dirt cheap $200Can each 16x7,5 size but the Canadian distributor's contract expired and I got boned. GMP sells the same rim I wanted for $200US!
and everyone else gets these rims from these guys
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